Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Water for Water

Below, you can see some images from the work I did for the Mariners Church Water for Water project. Water for Water is an effort by Mariners Church to bring clean water to communities in developing nations that really need it. Someone at Mariners buys a bottle of water, and the money from that sale goes directly to water projects. Been working on different elements off and on for a couple months now. It's a great project and I'm really excited that I got to play an important role in the branding and design of this project. It was a lot of fun.

Above is the logo for the project. The typeface in use is Gotham, and the black bars are actually the "=" sign from the font. I was trying to represent the idea of water equality and/or the concept of the whole project: water (that you buy) = water (for someone that really needs it).

Above, you can see the actual bottles of water for sale. I designed the label, although I wish I would have had more time. It works, but I don't love it. (By the way, a member of our church donated them to us - bottles and labels - free of charge!)

Below is an animation I finalized just recently. Shown during the weekend service to launch the project to the Mariners community. (I changed the music from the one shown at church...)

Here is a poster I designed that communicates some statistics about water in the world. Originally the high school ministry was partnering with charity:water, so some of these stats pertain to them (click to enlarge):

We also had a limited number of aluminum water bottles for sale. I think the logo on white looks killer. There are just a handful left if you're interested...

and a few more promotional items – decals and 1 inch buttons

and finally, a couple water bottle label ideas that didn't make the cut:

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Alanna Moine said...

personally...I like the Yeti one.

Nothing says philanthropy like a giant mythical legend.