Sunday, July 25, 2010

first time in the south

Yesterday i got home from a week vacation in South Carolina with Stephanie's family. Mostly just at Kiawah Island, which is a fancy beach and golf resort. I'm not much of a beach goer or golfer, but it was still a lot of fun. other than the humidity of course. highlights include: riding bikes around the island, lounging around and reading, stephanie and i cooking dinner for everyone one night (which turned out quite well if i do say so myself), swimming in the warm atlantic, winning at scrabble, and a couple visits into Charleston. Charleston was a great city, lots of history(played a significant role in the american revolution). So i'd say my first venture to the south was quite a success.

On the way home we got stuck at o'hare. shocking, i know. but, i had never been to chicago so it ended up being a fun day trip. we walked around quite a bit, say some tall building and great architecture. randomly stumbled upon the billy goat tavern and had a delicious double cheeseburger. and then finally made it home last night.

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Cathi said...

I was so close to being in Chicago yesterday for my step-sister's wedding! That would have been fun to catch you guys there. Glad you're back- can't wait to catch up.