Saturday, April 11, 2009

family history

i decided that i would make my mom one of those photo books for mother's day - something covering a good piece of family history, from her parents to present day. so this weekend i began the slow process of scanning them in. there are quite a few gems - i love old photos, antique stores, and retro culture. my mom's side of the fam was especially good at keeping so much random stuff and labeling the backs of photos. i hate the idea of being a pack rat, but in cases like this i'm definitely reaping the rewards. here are a few random photos that i think are great:

great grandfather gets a new a TV for christmas circa 1972

my grandma eating lunch on a roof for some reason.

i dont know who this is or where it is, but i love it

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-Aaron- said...

For the last picture: i say Atlanta, Georgia or maybe Wellston, Ohio. This is based on a not-very-scientific google search for "Koob's Pastries" and coming up with those possibilities plus some pastry chef names Sarah Koob. Who knows if there's a relation. Can't really make out anything on the other signs, can you?