Friday, April 17, 2009

4 typefaces i've been digging lately

Alternate Gothic. i only became aware of this typeface recently while prepping for a report on type designer (Morris Fuller Benton) for my letterpress class. he designed over 200 typefaces and this was one of them. its a great substitute for some other classy fonts that i dont have/cant afford.

Lodge. this little number comes from the good people at you work for them. i see ywft as kind of like veer, but smaller and hipper. and much more affordable. the sell fonts, books, stock photos and vectors, books and more. this made an appearance on my animals have a feelings too collection... but other than that i have yet to find a spectacular use for it.

the whole univers family is great - very classic in a mid-century swiss kind of way. but the thin ultra condensed just makes me smile.

Clarendon. this is a lovely, strong, slab serif. i dont know what else to say about i just like it.

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Gregory said...

Nice, i have also recently fallen in love with Clarendon. I stumbled upon it during a class project for redesigning an Elvis Costello album cover.