Wednesday, May 07, 2008

top 5 black and white movies

my friend jared and i are brainstorming some lists. in the mean time here is the first request: black and white movies. a list of 5 of my favorite black and white movies might possibly be the same as a list of my 5 favorite movies. anyway, here it goes...

on the waterfront - 1954, staring marlon brando. "I coulda had class, I coulda been a contender." winner of 8 academy awards
a place in the sun - elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift. i would easily put clift in the same category as brando and james dean. love the sad ending. 6 academy awards
roman holiday - one of audrey hepburn's first major roles. full of light hearted humor, vespa riding around rome, and anything but a story book ending
it happened one night - i think this movie made me fall in love with the 30s. at least the surreal hollywood version
rattle & hum - this is basically a 72 minute U2 music video. but its in black and white so it counts.


Alice said...

ok, one of my favorite movies of all time is a movie called midnight with don ameche and claudette colbert. it's referred to as a "screwball comedy." are you into comedies? come over and watch it one of these days. i'll make you some tea. :P

Chad Cheverier said...

And my response in no particular order but top five:
• Control, A film by anton corbijn on ian curtis of Joy division
• Dead Man, a weird western by Jim Jarmusch featuring johnny depp
• Harakiri,the best samurai movie i have seen to date.
• a splendor in the grass, a crazy love story
• the white mane, Albert Lamorisse directs this movie about a boy and a horse

Beigle, Thomas D. said...

I need to see some more black and white movies before I can evaluate your decisions appropriately. But, as things stand now, I think I can trust your judgment.

Leigh Sarti said...

i am a big fan of Memento. though it's not shot entirely in B&W...