Tuesday, May 06, 2008


started reading the original scroll version of on the road. first discovered this book senior year of high school and have since become a huge jack kerouac fan. so i am excited to come back and revisit this piece the way he originally wrote it. should be fun. i needed something light to give me a break from "surprised by hope" (which i havent really started).

in other blog news... i have been kicking around the idea of a series of top 5 lists. i think it would be fun, especially if some other bloggers i know did the same lists. i just havent decided what the topics might be yet... any suggestions?


Chad Cheverier said...

i would do top fives however i don't do stuff like that one my blog. how bout top five black and white films for starters. maybe i will just respond mine after you post yours

Ange said...

i love lists.
i'm in.

Kirsten said...

ya, i dig top 5 lists too. except i don't have any fav black and white films, so i won't do that one. and yes, it would seem that having a baby automatically makes you into an adult, but i'm not so sure yet... aaron and i are still pretty silly and child-like in most ways.

Cole said...

how about top five books u have not quite read, but want to