Thursday, March 08, 2007

new books

so i just finished reading sex god* the other day, and since i had nothing to do tonight decided to make a trip to borders with absolutely no agenda. i ended up leaving fairly quickly (under an hour) with a couple new books:

how we are hungry (dave eggers), and
following jesus

following jesus is by n.t. wright, and if you dont know who he is, i think you should learn. but i am not going to tell you what to do. its just a suggestion. i have downloaded numerous sermons/lectures of his from this site. great for the evening commute. i hestitated buying how we are hungry because i like to use it as a backup for when nothing else in the bookstore interests me at the moment. i always know that i can go and read a short story.

*i absolute hate the layout and design of this man's books. there are so many blank pages, and blank space on pages. the book could seriously be half as thick if zondervan wasnt trying to be so hip. and the end notes kill me. personally, i would much rather see footnotes at the bottm of a page then have to turn to the end every time to read some silly remark about how he forgives the girl in jr high who wouldnt dance with him. the actual content of the book was pretty good though, i might have learned a thing or two.


Alice said...

i bought how we are hungry a while ago cuz i liked heartbreaking work, but more importantly because my friend from youth group did the cover art for the paperback edition. i assume that's what you got. what do you think of the cover art? i like it. it's actually very much like what i remember his art was like in high school. pretty cool...

Alanna Marie said...

wait i didn't think you had read heartbreaking work...Have you? I'm halfway through it right now.