Thursday, March 08, 2007

finding things in books

tonite i was sitting in bed checking my email or reading, like i am doing now and there came a knock on my bedroom door. it was the girl who once had dirt under her fingernails - and she came inviting me out to watch american idol with other people who were in my house at the moment. i declined. she started going through my books. she found a bookmark i was wondering about in chronicles of narnia. i am glad to know where it is. then inmy burmese phrase book she found the name and address of someone i do not remember meeting in burma. and then, in a catholic bible i bought at a saddleback college book sale we found, typed on a sheet paper, the following:

Monty Crosby
New Orleans
Summer, 1989


(for Tony and Mary)

Asperges me, Domine...

Gathered in sudden symmetry
Certain deep in a patient eye
Your desert bones now stand again
Luminous in a hard blue sky

(after paintings by Georgia O'Keefe)

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