Monday, February 26, 2007

today is a discouraging day

long story short, i am not going to budapest.
short story long, my friend and travel companion has pneumonia. (apparently 1 in 20 people that get pneumonia, die from it. who knew?) anyway, she called the airline to see what our options were and finally made arrangements to cancel for a full refund because she has a doctor's note. i didn't realize doctors' notes were good for anything past elementary school, but she is also much more adept at dealing with customer service than i am. she was also told that i could call back and reinstate my ticket if i so desired to go solo. i have been trying to do that for the last 5 hours and failing miserably so i just gave up. at least we get our money back. so this sucks. but i've had worse days. maybe i'll start saving for laos.

on a side note: if anyone wants to take a last minute trip to portland or seattle or hong kong, let me know.

1 comment:

blythe said...

WHAT?! that is terrible news.
to make sure i'm following: you had to refund both tickets together, and then they told you that you could buy yours back, and then you tried and couldn't??
you should complain.
some people don't like complainers, but i say whiners are winners.

(yes, i thought that up just now)