Friday, February 23, 2007

i hear that everyday

tonight after work i started watching a documentary in spanish with english subtitles about cuban refugees seeking a new life via homemade rafts. but my house was too lonely so i walked to starbucks to sit around and read in hopes that someone i know might be there as well. my friend working behind the counter writes something on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and holds it up for me to read, but i cant see it so i walk over there. it says, "God is Good". i fold it up and put it in my jacket pocket next to my heart, and he keeps telling people to ask me whats that paper i have sticking out of my pocket, and i show them without saying anything. so i am reading my book - here is a quote:

"We spend vast amounts of money and energy to change our air. And we drive in air-conditioned cars - the 8 percent of us in the world that have cars - to air-conditioned schools and offices and stores with tile floors and fluorescent lights.

It's even possible to go days without spending any significant time outside.

And it's still considered living."*

about this time some more friends, or at least people i know, come in. one girl is full of energy, using lots of words, and is telling me about driving her car and rain and hydroplaning and freeway guard rails. i walk outside with her to see the scars and dangling headlight which we remove and she wants to bury it. she's digging in the plants outside and i go back in to read. when she comes back inside she has dirt under her finger nails which i think is beautiful because of what i have been reading.

then comes more people i dont know, but who know the people i know. lots of talking and laughing. i go back to reading. elliott smith is playing.

i say to jessica, "let's make some shirts."
jessica says, "i hear that everyday."

the store is closing. i am looking for a ride home, which guard rail girl provides, but not before a stop at wendy's. i am only interrupting her occasionally to say things like, "uh huh", and "sure" and "that's possible". she has lots of important documents in her car, that most people dont keep in their car, and she shows me. we were listen to the cold war kids, but she thinks its funny to randomly tune the radio to the fish to hear whats happening. turns out it is funny. i am still making comments to prove that i am listening. she says i am a good listener and i dont disagree.

so i think walking to starbucks was a good decision. even if it has air-conditioning and a tile floor.

*Rob Bell, Sex God


Alanna Marie said...

could that girl be Nikki Lalague? There's no one else I can think of who better fits the description of "full of energy, lots of words...hydroplaning...buring pieces of her car"...yup described her perfectly. Plus she told me it was her.

Ryanne said...

You are one of the most interesting people I know. I love how you see the beauty in so many things that most people would never even to think to look.

Alli Hibb said...

i like you...i like to read your thoughts...i like how you like life.