Friday, June 18, 2010

finer things club

iphone wallpaper for my bookclub.


David T. Ulrich said...

Brian Hurst,

After years of neither speaking nor blog peeking, I re-began the latter and was pleased at everything I saw. I thought of continuing to peek in secret, but this post forced my enjoyment right out of my chest and made me shout my delights. When the screen didn't respond, I resorted to typing.

Hopefully we'll cross paths again one day. Right now I'm in Wittenberg, Germany, in a youth hostel adjacent to Martin Luther's 95-Theses Church. On a study tour for the summer, enjoying my socks off. Hopefully yours is nice, too.

Old Friendly,

David T. Ulrich said...

Sorry for my redundancy; the word "hopefully" and variations of "enjoy" appeared twice in that comment. Sorry. And an additional apology for apologizing twice.