Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I decided to post all of the animals online (find them here), and i finally finished a "cover" that will do for now. i am starting to not like them as much - noticing a bunch of flaws in a few of the illustrations. oh well. the whole purpose of this project was for me to just practice practice practice, and i think it served its purpose well. hope you have enjoyed seeing the updates and final results.


Chad Cheverier said...

at first the "animals have feelings too" bothered me cause I don't like to hear all that animal rights junk. then i read it and remembered the animal cards. I like yearning ostrich. I think I would still think of another title but the series is pretty sweet. make some cards and sell it to highlights for children!

Jared K. said...

Love it! I think my favorite is the lonely penguin...not sure what that means about me.

blythe said...

i really like how they all turned out. I wish the koala were behaving a bit zanier, but it's wonderful nonetheless.

nicely done!