Monday, September 14, 2009

Camping in Sequoia (Part 1)

This weekend i went camping with a couple friends in Sequoia Natl Park/Forest - home to the largest trees in the world. i heart trees. it was a lot of fun. i will post some more photos and highlights soon...

here is a little camping tip: always make sure you bring poles with your tent. we didnt. bad move. here is what our tent was supposed to look like:

by the time we set up our tent it was already dark and too late to do anything about it. tommy propped up the tent with a couple chairs and a box... just enough room to breathe, bryan slept in the car. i slept out on the ground, which made for an anxious night after seeing about a hundred signs warning against bears.

on the second night we were able to prop up the tent using some rope and some macgyver skills. here is the result:

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blythe said...

hahah! that's awesome.