Sunday, August 23, 2009

grand canyon

last night i returned from a short excursion to the grand canyon with my friend tommy. the total trip probably lasted about 30 hours and it was a fun little adventure. the canyon covers a lot of area, and there are many places to take in the view - but i had heard about this skywalk and wanted to check it out.

turns out the skywalk is located on an indian reservation or something and you have to drive about 15 miles on dirt roads to get there. some tribes make money by building casinos. others build skywalks and try to trick you in to paying an arm and leg to visit. in addition to the ticket for the skywalk (about $30) you also have to buy a tour bus ticket just to get to it (about $40). im guessing a lot of people end up paying this simply because they just drove an hour on a dirt road to get there. tommy and i just rode the bus to a couple stops. no skywalk, and im glad about that because it looks pretty underwhelming. you're also not allowed to take any photos on the skywalk - probably because they dont want you showing your family and friends how lame it is.

that being said, the views of the grand canyon we saw were pretty incredible - even more breath taking than i remember it being as a kid - and we got some fun photos.

let's talk about this photo for a moment:

i just dont understand it. i mean clearly who ever made it knows how to effectively cut and paste and blend etc. - and it still doesnt make any sense. seriously? a speed boat next to a giant hummer, and a tiny skywalk? i would love to be in on the meeting where this bus graphic was agreed upon.

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Tom Hughes said...

we probably should've taken a picture of us driving with the lights off