Monday, April 06, 2009

Jury Duty

Today, for the first time ever since i've been a licensed driver and registered voter, i actually had to show up for jury duty - in santa ana. not fun... and i started thinking about any and all possible (and honest) excuses i may have that would make me a less than spectacular choice for a juror. and there weren't any. i'm like the prime candidate for juror - no kids, (relatively) flexibile work hours, im in to justice more or less... all i could think of, if asked about my background by a lawyer or something is that i (a) am a student (in a one class that i am not even getting a letter grade for) and (b) that i work at a large evangelical church.

but anyway, at about 11am the announced that today was a slow day for the judicial system and about 80% of got to leave. not bad. still in to work by lunch time.

in a completely unrelated matter, i totally fell in love this image i found online today and it inspired me to keep folder of random internet finds:

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