Wednesday, March 25, 2009


so after hiking the rock. we went back to spain and caught a ferry to morocco. tangier to be exact. walked off the boat, through the port and straight into the bus station. tangier didnt sound much like a place we wanted to spend time.

nobody in the bus station spoke a word of english (well, one lady knew how to say "do you speak english" fairly well) but everyone was very helpful to make sure got on our bus to chefchaouen. we arrived in chef late, maybe 11pm (i was hoping we'd get in before dark)... it was the last bus in, no taxis in sight, and we only had a vague idea of the direction we needed to head. which happened to be entirely up hill and about a 30 minute walk. (keep in mind earlier this same day we were hiking the rock in gibraltar.) long story short, we found a place to stay, which was quite nice and spent two nights in this lovely little town. we got offered "the best hash" about every 20 minutes - but it wasnt difficult to say no, only a little annoying.

from chef, we took a bus to fes. there only about 6 people on the bus, it was a very nice trip, and the country side was beautiful and surprisingly green. i was a little bummed as we pulled into town because i was enjoying the ride so much.

fes is huge. and busy. lots of old french tourists. quite a contrast from chefchaouen. most people suggest hiring a guide to navigate the old medina. we didn't (actualy we couldnt really find one). but we saw a lot (and walked a lot). ate some pizza in town, and some overpriced moroccan food. chad and i both developed a sweet tooth for american candy bars about this time - just a hint of "home" to be comforting.

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