Tuesday, February 10, 2009

office art

ive been working on adding some decoration to the walls of the student ministries office. i was told i could do whatever i want (more or less) - which sounds cool, but i actually found the freedom quite crippling. i'm used to being told things like "we are having a jr high girls sleep over, and we need a flier"... not as cool, but a lot easier to handle. there is a clearly defined audience (jr high girls), a clear message to communicate (please come to this event, it'll be fun), and a specific parameter to work within (a cardstock paper flier, probably 4x6). easy enough.

but this was surprisingly challenging to me. i would come with an idea, decide it sucked, and start over. this happened numerous times over a few weeks - until i realized that i was over thinking it, and that if i came up with a better idea later, i can change it, at very low cost. for now just get something on the blank walls.

this article was also somewhat helpful.

anyway, there are four wall-areas to decorate, two are done. two to go. below is one example. i tried to keep the cost down as much as possible which meant ikea frames and art printed on poster paper. the glass on one of the frames got broken (i think by a jr high girl). so instead of buying a new one i decided that the most logical thing to do was put a heart in it...

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Ryanne said...

These are so cool. I love how they are printed in gray scale.