Monday, February 02, 2009

a little disneyland shopping

i went to disneyland on my birthday yesterday and did some shopping. among other random items, i bought these cool tiki room glasses:

i got $68 worth of stuff, all for free!... thanks to the 'birthday fun card". you can get in to dland for free on your birthday this year. and if you already have a ticket or annual pass, you can get a gift card for the price of a single ticket admission (thats what i got). unfortunately you can't buy food at restaurants - but you can buy all the random stuff you'd never think about buying otherwise.


Jared K. said...

that sucks you cant use it on food!

Chad Cheverier said...

you didn't tell me it was your birthday. I guess I will buy you a drink tomorrow

blythe said...

happy birthday yesterday. 26 now?