Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i decided that im going to like Christmas this year. so far its going just fine. here are some things i like about christmas.

mickey's christmas carol - i have very happy, sentimental childhood memories that go along with this short cartoon. that and the other disney christmas cartoons like the one of chip and dale in the christmas tree...

the satisfaction that comes with being done with shopping - its so great to be done, and feel like you've accomplished something... and accomplished something that is purely for someone else's benefit

christmas lights - what i like about christmas lights is seeing them in unexpected places.. certain businesses or houses. i don't care much for the houses with the over the top light displays. i like seeing the single strand with missing bulds and thinking "hmm, that sucks, but they cared enough to make an effort."

going on mr. toad when its cold - this is isnt really christmas specific. if you are ever at disneyland on a freezing cold night be sure to go on mr. toad. there is a wonderful trip to hell at the end which provides a great opportunity to get warm and toasty.

cadbury ornament creme egg - ok. i havent actually eaten one of these. but i am assuming they exactly like the ones available at easter. and i know some people think these are gross, but i love love love them.

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