Monday, November 17, 2008


been playing around with this application - called poladroid - that converts your jpgs into polaroids. i realize that nothing can replace an actual, physical, polaroid. but i own two polaroid cameras and still think this is pretty cool. i love the way the colors and vignetting turn out. and its free. cant beat that.

found via the iso50 blog


blythe said...

just so you know, i think this might change my life.

so, thank you.

Chad Cheverier said...

ive taken my picture next to that indian before. and ISO50's blog is pretty sweet, do you like tycho? hotel bar this week? maybe wed?

blythe said...

i'm having major probs downloading poladroid. the installation pdf is in french. i took a year of french; however, we studied very little in the way of program-download vocabulary.