Saturday, November 22, 2008


today at the library i finished reading Haruki Murakami's - what i talk about when i talk about running. Murakami is apparently a very popular japanese novelist. from time to time i have been coming across refences about him or one of his books and how great they are, so i have been meaning to read one. i finally picked up this one which isnt a novel at all, but a memoir of sorts about his life as a runner, and his life as a writer, and sometimes just his life in general. and i finished it - which i guess means i liked it considering i'm not a runner or a writer. and now that i know a little more about the man i think i am more inclinded to read one of his novels. we'll see.

also at the library, i picked up Home, a newish book by marilynne robinson - author of my favorite bool Gilead.

i was just looking at old blog posts trying to find my post on gilead. i ended up reading a lot of nice and encouraging comments from friends i miss. why do happy memories from the past make me sad in the present?

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