Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i almost called one of those phone numbers today...

you know, the ones posted on homemade signs, usually by a freeway off ramp. typically they say something like "earn 5k/month from home" or "real estate apprentice wanted". this one (which was hand written by the way) just said "get paid to travel". i was hooked. i've actually been thinking about that topic all week... how can i either:

a) get paid to travel


b) get paid while i travel

im not much of a writer. so that option is out. and i dont currently have nearly enough design clients for that to be a viable option. anyone with any ideas? maybe i should call the number...


blythe said...

please call it, and if it's a writing job, give me the number.

maybe it's photography? i'll consider selling you your camera back for the same price...

Jessica Howard said...

Oh...if it's a viable job...share the number with me! I'm itching to travel as well...but, I'm also hurting for cash.

Since I just started a blog, maybe I'll get enough writing practice in to be a travel writer.

Here's hoping... :)

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