Thursday, July 17, 2008

travel blessings

just the other day i was reflecting on how often i have had the opportunity to travel internationally. this is such a blessing and i am very thankful for all of the experiences and memories. i recently added one of those "places i've been to" maps on my facebook page. i think it was 11 countries. not a ton, but a solid amount. and, like i said, i'm grateful. tomorrow morning i'll embark on a journey adding kenya to the list. i've actually got quite a bit of pre-trip anxiety/excitement etc - not knowing very much at all what to expect, or what we'll be doing... but i'll be sure to post some stories and photos when i return in a couple weeks. i can only hope this travel keeps up throughout the coming years, but with airline tickets and other prices getting higher and higher that is going to be a challenge...

here are some highlights from the packing list:

6 clif bars
1 bag trail mix
digital camera
books (n.t. wright - the lord and his prayer, thich nhat hanh - being peace)
extra shoes
hat i bought for tanzania a couple years ago
2 color copies of passport
1 jeans
1 shorts
1 nylon pants from rei
1 swim trunks
enough other clothes to have to wear everything about twice
electrical converter
23% deet spray
other things

lacking from this trip:
ipod - its dying

now i got to get back to work and finish some things up before i leave.


Cole said...

are you sure you want to risk destroying your only pair of shorts in Africa
Also I would bring a higher % deet bug spray, like 100%

b.hurst said...

100% melts the ink printed on tshirts as well as disintegrates the label on the bottle. trust me i know. probably also causes cancer.

Jordyn said...

have a great time in kenya rafiki.

hard to believe it was over 2 years ago that i was stuffing a few missionary skirts into my backpack while listening to richard swift and wondering what awaited us in tanzania.

can't wait to hear your tales and see your pictures.

Ange said...

I'm glad you're going to Kenya...great place to go (even though it's missionary trendy, but I still love that place). Can't wait to see your pics!