Friday, May 30, 2008

5 tv shows that i watch

i dont really watch much tv these days... but when i do its usually

• the office
no reservations (although i think the host, anthony bordain, is a tool)
bizarre foods - mostly because he goes to interesting places. i dont really care about the gross food he is eating.
antiques road show - its just fascinating... the antiques and the humans that own them
california's gold - how can any host be so amazed by so many boring things!? i love it!


Brian Olsen said...

I don't think my new roommates will share our great taste in television programming. I'm going to miss watching those shows with you. Thanks for being such a cool roommate.

Jared K. said...

you should check out Three Sheet on Mojo. Pretty funny. Also, thanks for the comment, I will down on the end, when you see me please pass the scraps.

Ryanne said...

Most on your list I would agree with, BUT Huell Howser drives me crazy!

kyle. said...

i was on the premiere episode of california's gold. i can be seen waving at the camera from the back of a truck during a hayride at the tractor show in vista as huell says goodbye. i was six.

Alice said...

this made me crack up. i miss you. :(