Wednesday, March 12, 2008

shopping at the mall

just for the sake of blogging, here is a story...

my friend stephanie and i went shopping at the m.v. last sunday. as we were looking at the directory to find j.crew she noticed an oddly dressed man in a crappy wig inside of a jewelry store. she told me it must be a celebrity - which i didnt real care about because even if it was a celebrity, i probably wouldnt know who it was. then she said, he looks like he's robbing the store. i thought, there's no way he is robbing the store right now. so i looked at this man through the windows as he hastily tossed jewelry and watches into a briefcase, and i thought, "huh, it looks like that man is robbing the store. i wonder what he is actually doing..." then i looked behind him and made eye contact with one of the store clerks. she looked at me, nodded and made a telephone gesture with her hand - as if to say, yes this is actually happening, call the police. so i did. stephanie wanted to talk to the police, so i ran to get mall security (which was a big waste of time). the police arrived in like 5 minutes (i think someone might have called before us when they saw the man enter the store).

by the time i ran back, people in the mall were freaking out (mildly) and i heard faint gun shots outside.

stephanie and i went to j.crew, got lemonade at muscle beach (hot dog on a stick), and then realized my car was parked right next to the shooting so it might be a while. so we saw a movie (the other Boleyn girl - she loved it i hated it). we tried to get my car again and some man said probably not for a few hours, there was a robbery and shooting. to which stephanie replied, we know - we saw it. oh really? - the man said... and brought us back in to the mall where the other witnesses had been waiting for the last 3-4 hours to give their eye witness interview (suckers - just kidding, we probably shouldnt have left, but the doofus security guard said we could).

the end.

here is a photo

here's the story


Alli Hibb said...

This is an amazing story! How sweet that you were there for it!

Ryanne said...

Wow! This is crazy!

Kirsten said...

I LOVED that story :) My fav part is when the shop clerk nodded at you and did the phone sign.