Monday, December 03, 2007

less is more

i wonder if that maxim applies to blogging. probably not. anyway, i've been appreciating design - in all forms - that is minimal, simple, and subtle. i told a friend the other day that i'm really digging white space. loads of it. while driving today i saw this truck, so i had to take a picture...
if you click on the image you might be able to spot the name and phone number of the company. i love that its so small and clean and doesnt tell you anything. i should probably mention that sides of the truck were completely blank. i suppose there are a bunch of similar vehicles out there - this one just caught my eye today.

about 30 minutes later, after doing some xmas shopping at the mall, i spotted a fine specimen of christian bumper sticker. i appreciate the lack of clever slogans.

i knew i was keeping my camera in my car for some reason.

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Chad Cheverier said...

I LOVE empty space too and that christian bumper sticker is awesome. I also see your reading that book i mentioned. are you liking it? we should have a beer again soon.