Wednesday, December 12, 2007

finer things club

my friends jared and cole, and myself, started a finer things club at work (à la the office). basically, that just means we get coffee at the same time. but recently we decided to all read the same book. so we picked a couple short ones to start with.

the fall - Albert Camus

flatland: a romance of many dimensions - Edwin A. Abbott

but what i really wanted to say is that Vintage Books has a series of covers for Camus' books that i think are marvelous. bold and simple and black & white. here are a few of these beautiful covers:


Mariah Snyder said...

haha! I read flatland in college!

blythe said...

i really hate the first cover. it bothers me.
but i like the others.

that's all.

Alli Hibb said...

I really love good book covers...