Thursday, October 11, 2007

sweet dreams

i like to take photos of the different places i've slept. (i guess this could be awkward if i was, say, in the habit making the one night stand... but i'm not so dont worry). here are some places that i have slept:

this crappy sofa bed in a nice hotel room

this motel in the middle of the desert

a hotel that stole lots of our money

this place
in mission viejo

apartment floor

this cabin in the jungle

this crappy sofa

under a misquito net

i guess thats all for now.


Chad Cheverier said...

this is such a funny/awesome post

I kinda want to copy you, especially since I willbe sleeping all over the place for the next few months.

of course i would give you some credit for the idea.
either way good work!

Alli Hibb said...

i like you...this is such a fun habit.

jordyn said...

hey! i've slept in some of those places too.
is that weird?

annie said...

that's a very fun idea! very clever... i might steal that and do my own blog like that someday!