Wednesday, September 05, 2007


the other day some friends and i were discussing the first cassettes and CDs we ever bought. I had a few in elementary school, including M.C Hammer - You Can't Touch This, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits, Crash Test Dummies, and Alan Jackson (i dont know the album off hand).

It wasnt until Jr High that i actually started caring about music and began using it as a way to identify with, or separate myself from, certain crowds. you may not believe this, but back then tooth and nail was actually pretty hip. my first two albums from this time period (and these were on cassette mind you. CDs were obviously much cooler, but because i personally didnt own a CD player, i opted for cassettes) were:

MXPX - Pokinatcha

Value Pac - S/T

i still think these albums are petty cool.

here's a completely unrelated video:


Alli Hibb said...

I really wish that it wasn't so nerdy to make videos like that...because I would totally make HP home movies if it wouldn't be so sad...

Amanda said...

Just to date myself...the first music I fell in love with as a kid was an 8 trac of Rick Springfield (i was 7 years old). The first music I ever bought was a cassette tape of Madonna- True Blue (i was 10 years old). I AM old! said...

that harry potter video was hilarious!

I think I missed it last time I was on your blog because I was so stoked on the MxPx shout out.. ;)

Chad Cheverier said...

my friend just inherited a previously owned cake album and we have been rocking out to it in the van.