Friday, August 17, 2007

untitled dream 1

i rarely remember my dreams, but i remembered one from last night. i was running, with two friends, down a cement path in the middle of a forest that looked as though it hadn't seen rain in a year or two. we were going somewhere - i think it ended up being some sort of immigration office in the middle of the woods. at one point along the way my friend called out to me, something like, "you have to really live, brian! fully embrace life!"

so i ran faster.

and when i came to a turn in the path i slipped and fell hard. but i wasn't hurt, and my friends didnt stop. as i started running again i noticed that something had fallen out of my pocket. so i went back and found my wallet, ipod, and external hard drive. i was annoyed that i had to carry these now as i ran.

if there is any sort of deeper meaning to that, i'll let you figure it out.


Alice said...

ok, here's my guess:

the fact that you were in a forest and you dropped your "ties to a fast-paced life"--you wish you lived away from society

your friends ran ahead/away from you--your wish to be alone (but then again you were trying to catch up with them)

conclusion--your tension between wanting to be alone and be social. that's my guess. let the games begin.

b.hurst said...

i was actually in front of them. when i fell they passed me...

david thomas said...

i love dreams.