Wednesday, August 29, 2007

palm springs

i have just returned from a staff retreat in palm springs. it was both fun and hot. last year, the staff retreat was the first thing i ever did with mariners. so this is a one year anniversary of sorts. some p. springs high lights include:

•a discussion about electronic music the whole drive there
•an adventure to discover the best breakfast in the desert
•watching hairspray (which contains a rick warren lookalike), while almost everyone else watched the borne ultimatum
•playing guitar hero for the first time
•finished harry potter part one

the end


annie said...

very fun... and way to stay out of the sun. Say no to skin cancer! Palm Springs is awesome, but sometimes way too hot.

p.s. It was fun seeing you today!

Alli Hibb said...

I love the breakfasts in PS. Were you at the Esmeralda? We saw Hulk Hogan's wife and daughter eating breakfast there...

Amanda said...

And don't leave out the intellectual stimulation provided by amanda maguire. She is brilliant!
...AND beating her bowling 87 to 53. You KILL. But only because you brought your own ball, glove, and shoes. Hard core.