Monday, August 06, 2007

new art

i went a little crazy (i'm so unpredictable, you know) and bought some new wall accessories for my office. first is a poster of a young bob dylan playing the bass in the studio. i also bought a couple screen printed posters.

a doom drop from aesthetic apparatus and a cut little owl from strawberry luna.

the owl print included a bunch of fun (sort of) trinkets.
not seen here: a neon bracelet i am wearing. also, that thing that looks like a pill turned into a spongy dinosaur when i put it in water.

other things that have been going on:
• ear infection
• dyed my hair black (bet you didnt see that coming)
• netflix subscription (the cheapest one available) - any other netflixers? let's be netflix friends.
• probably something else




Cathi said...

What does it mean to be Netflix friends? I'm willing to consider it...

Alice said...

i'm really excited that that pill turned into a dinosaur. i only wish i could have experienced that with you.

Alli Hibb said...

I bought a bunch of those pill-o-saurs...they were actually quite anti-climactic...they took forever to open (I didn't remember them taking that long when I was a child)