Friday, June 22, 2007

today was a busy day...

this week i've had a lot to get done, but have been distracted by co-workers an equal amount. when someone has given me the opportunity to work or do something else... i have been choosing something else. examples:

someone else: hey do you want to go up to fountain valley and look at some new plotters?
me: sure

someone else: will you come with me to pick up a ping pong table some one is donating to the church?
me: yes

someone else: do you want to leave early to plan the volunteer appreciation night with me?
me: ok

result: a lot of stuff that needed to get done TODAY. but i did it. i'm going on a little trip tomorrow and i'll be gone for a few days. hopefully i will return with stories and photographs.


david thomas said...

the ping-pong table one was quite relevant to myself.

i have probably gone on at least three or four, lets-go-pick-up-that-free-table expeditions.

pretty hard to refuse that.

blythe said...