Wednesday, June 13, 2007

summer of love

the title has nothing to do with anything

i've decided to take a break from buying books this summer. you know, just for fun. so from now til sept uno, no books will be bought. thats the goal. i have plenty of books that i own, started reading and gave up on. maybe i will read one of those. i used to never do that. i would force myself not to be a quitter. but now i'm a quitter. it started with the first and only (and short lived) book club i was ever a part of. we started with a book by thomas wolfe called Look Homeward, Angel. tough read, slow, and nothing really happens excpet that he reminds you over and over again that nodody can ever really KNOW anybody else - we are all alone in this world. its probably for the best that i stopped reading that.

this also means more trips to the library and bookstore... the bookstore has new books, but the library has books i can actually bring home. right now i am reading a short little c.s. lewis book i found in the garage. i like it.


Chad Cheverier said...

maybe i can mail you a book to read this summer, maybe...

Tom Hughes said...

haha,i might try look homeward angel again at some point later on. i think it's kinda like albums that maybe you don't like initially, but then you go back later and like it, and understand why other people enjoyed it. i'm not sure if that happens to everyone but i know its happened to me before. some spanish teacher told me in high school that maybe i'll like the scarlet letter when i'm not so young.