Friday, April 13, 2007

things that have been done

all of my room mates were out of town this week, so i had the house to myself. last weekend i made a list of things i wanted to get done (like cleaning type things) while they were away, but unfortunately i lost the list by monday. and i made no attempt to remember. but here is a list of little things i did do this week:

*dyed my hair
*hung a picture on the wall
*purchased bottle rocket for $6.99
*finished spraypainted some stenciled banners for work
*bought george orwell's the road to wigan pier (this is about the life of coal miners in the wigan area of england. my great grandfather was a coal miner from wigan.)
*gave up reading the road to wigan pier
*bought one hundred years of solitude
*tried to remove the "oprah's bookclub" sticker from one hundred years of solitude but realized it is not a sticker
*enjoyed one of the best meals i have had in a while made by j.witt
*went for drinks to my favorite pub with some friends i havent seen in a while
*met one of my best friend's new girlfriend (she seems pretty cool)
*discussed magical language pants that allow you to speak foreign languages fluently when worn
*made a new u2 playlist:

probably did some other cool things as well. all in all its been nice to have some time to myself, but i am glad i dont live alone all the time.


Beigle, Thomas D. said...

She IS pretty cool!

I love you.

Alli Hibb said...

I am glad to know you were so productive...way to efficiently use your week alone!

Alice said...

aww. i was present at one of your events. that makes me happy.