Tuesday, January 09, 2007

tonight i had some spare time...

... i was between two activities with not enough time to go home, and when i have some spare time my modus operandi is to go to a bookstore. tonight it was barnes and noble at fashion island. i seated myself in a wooden chair with Howl and Other Poems by allen ginsberg - a neat little book of beat poetry i have been meaning to read for a while now. my chair was facing down a long aisle of foreign language and as i was reading, a beautiful dark haired girl in a knee length floral dress and a trench coat with upturned collar was kneeling before the volumes of language, trying to decide between two massive french dictionaries.

i finished Howl, but not the other poems. i bought the book, along with a small vincent van gogh calendar for 50% off because 2007 is almost over and most everyone who is going to buy a wall calendar has already done so.

the girl with the upturned collar finally went with the orange french dictionary - i was hoping for the baby blue... which is why it would not have worked out between us anyway.


Beigle, Thomas D. said...

You're right. It wouldn't have worked. She was probably just buying the dictionary in hopes to win herself a French boyfriend. You don't need someone like that. She's ridiculous. I'm so glad you're blogging again, by the way.

Alice said...

both of you boys put very wide smiles on my face. that's all.