Saturday, January 13, 2007

san diego...

this blog exists solely because i haven't blogged in a while. today i drove down to san diego to visit a friend. his name is htike (pronounced "ty") - although i have noticed he goes by other names and i presume he thinks i cannot say his real name properly, which is probably true. he is a refugee from burma, and has an interesting story that i am not going to tell now, but might be worth blogging about someday. the trouble is that his english is not great, nor are my interpreting abilities. this makes communication difficult and at times draining for me. we had thai food for lunch (yellow curry with chicken for me) and then walked around the north park area, occasionally stepping in to record shops, thrift stores, and a coffee shop (mostly to get out of the cold).

after we said our goodbyes i drove around balboa park. eventually stopping in what quite possibly could be the crappiest part of the park where i sat at a picnic table, read 1 john 4, and watched a bunch a big Hispanic guys play volleyball.

then i went to visit an old high school friend who is now married and lives in house owned by the church her husband works for. this is called a parsonage. (i couldn't think of the word so i used this reverse dictionary.) i had a delightful evening of food and fascinating discussion about things i did not know i was interested in. her little sister was there too. she works at a borders near my home which hopefully will result in discounts for me.

then i came home and took a shower with the hottest water i could stand.


Alli Hibb said...

the hottest water to rid yourselves of the germs from the parsonage? or because it was freezing outside?

b.hurst said...

...because it was freezing outside