Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year...

in 2006 I:

graduated college
moved out
got a job that I enjoy and am constantly surprised that I have…
went to a lot of counseling
became a big U2 fan
stopped reading more books than i finished. (but the ones i did finish were so great)
started accepting that certain things about me might actually be good, and not flaws
bought a pipe
starting “leading” a high school small group
went to tanzania (and amsterdam for a day)
went to the largest bookstore in the world
gave up blogging at least 3 times
entered the world of apple computers
failed to start an irish folk band
went on a documentary binge. The peak moment being “No Direction Home”
subscribed to “the economist” using airline miles

and a lot more I forgot, or do not care to share at the moment


ewxlt said...

"Leading" a small group huh?

Alice said...

fabulous. everything you do is poetry...

Tiffany said...

in 2006 I went to the getty with you. I drank various stellas with you. And I bought tickets to hungary.

loisa said...

have you seen "stevie"? i just saw it and it's one of the most amazing documentaries i've ever seen.